We have more than 25 years of combined experience

In collaboration we offer leaders and managers the most transformative program available for future leadership. Business today is not the future of business. We specialise in shaping and mobilizing innovative and effective leaders to ensure continuous business growth and success through a future Leaders mindset.

Rebecca Linn Kjellhaug

Authentic, inspirational, passionate, reputable, and a highly sought after International Corporate Trainer, Executive Performance Coach, and Keynote Presenter

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Elsa Grimsmo

Fascinated by peoples diversity, curios with passion for human relations. Manager, certified Meta-Coach and Mindfulness trainer.

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Lena Gray

Facilitate, support and make the changes you need to do to achieve more impact, congruencey, credibility and confidence. Becoming the True You

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Lena in Norway for first time !

Neuro-Semantics is an emerging discipline used all over the world. It’s a framework for understanding the world – how people assign meaning to what they do, and how those meanings translate into action.

Module 1: 23-26 November 2016

Applied Self-Leadership for leaders and managers

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Module 2: 27 November – 1 December 2016

The art of Applied Communication for leaders and managers

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A lively and enthusiastic approach to leadership and life all over the world. Congruent and strong – we believe in authentic and genuine leaders who enhances and empowers their teams for the future. We are passionate about each individual’s possibilities and the challenges we have as professionals and private persons.


Changes occur in the society – have you noticed?


  • Demographic Change

  • Growing Diversity

  • Changing Work Environments

  • Converging Technology

  • Desire for Work-Life Balance

  • New Business Ecosystems

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From training in Auckland

From training in Dubai

“Strong self management skills – not just confidence, but the ability to communicate ideas, listen to people, and work towards positive change”  Manager 43 yr  – New Zealand

“Practical strategies and skills to help me communicate with my team and drive them forward”  CEO 45 yr – Mexico City

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