Here is why your skills as a leader will be challenged in the future.

On current trends, the UK workforce in 2030 will be multi-generational, older, more international and female. Technology will be pervasive, jobs more fluid and the global labour market highly competitive
.Source: UK Government Publications

The trends that shapes the future business

The Growing Diversity

Migration in Europe peeks. The leader challenge is growing – especially when it comes to communication.  Rising global mobility of workers and new technologies are bringing together different and sometimes conflicting cultures, religions, races and languages.

Demografic Changes

As women around the world continue to seek equal rights within society, the workplace and at home, traditional gender roles are increasingly challenged. The role of women in the labour market will continue to grow in scale and importance. Women are breaking the glass ceiling and search for leader positions

Changing Work Environments

An increasing number of tasks are becoming knowledge work. Flexibility and ability to adapt to business volatility are essential. Teamwork, project organisation and collaboration with external business network will be rising. Communication skills will be essental

Converging Technology

Business is growing international – technology makes it possible also for small businesses to grow and establish themselves around the world. Existing business models will change – utilizing technology and creating new markets and new business.

Desire for Work-Life Balance

Better work-life balance is becoming increasingly important.Flexible arrangements will be used to attract strong performers and soft benefits will be used as incentives. People will be working from anywhere – anytime and the traditional organisation and meeting structure must be re-invented

New Business Ecosystems

Collaboration in a value-creating network of freelancers and businesses will replace the traditional in-house thinking – both for workforce, knowledge and any type of resources. And the network will be located in any part of the world.